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Childhood Illness Advice



If your child is unwell please do not send him/her to school.

It is up to you, not your child, to determine whether he/she

is well enough to attend school or not.

Experience has shown that children, who are unwell but say that

they want to come to school, are often overwhelmed when they

arrive there. A child who is unwell will not learn effectively and

will demand an undue amount of attention from staff which

is unfair on the other children. If your child is unable to come to

school please try to ring us in the morning to let us know.

Please note that we do not administer medicine to children.

The exception to this is the use of an inhaler which may be

necessary to control asthma. We have care plans for children

with Asthma and staff are all trained to administer an inhaler.

We also have trained staff to administer an EPI Pen and care

plans for such needs. A normal antibiotic which has to be taken 4

times daily can be taken in the morning, at 1.30pm when your child

is collected, at teatime and bedtime. If you wish medicine to be

administered during school time you are welcome to come and give

the medicine to you child yourself. However, if your child has a

long term or chronic illness which requires frequent medication in

order to maintain regular attendance at school, you should discuss

this with the Principal. You will be asked to complete a care plan

and provide a letter from your GP or Consultant authorising the